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Welcome to our web site!

The Republican Party of the Virgin Islands was founded in 1948 and was admitted to membership in the Republican National Committee in 1952.  From that time on a close relationship has developed between the United States Virgin Islands and Washington, D.C.
The most effective government is that closest to the people.
The Republican Party of the Virgin Islands is committed to fiscal responsibility, transparency in government, and support for private development that benefits the people of the Virgin Islands.
Free enterprise has created an econmic system second to none.
In order to achieve more rights for the territories and minority groups the National Committee members from the Virgin Islands have established a Republican Island Caucus. This sub-committee is chaired by the Virgin Islands and includes all of the territories plus Hawaii.
Equal rights are the foundation of our government everywhere.
The Republican Island Caucus provides the Republican Party of the Virgin Islands with links to all areas of the United States. It has established the networking necessary for the expansion of global business in the Virgin Islands.
Sound money management is our goal.
The local Republican Party believes that in union there is strength. The people of the Virgin Islands will benefit from a close working relationship with the Republican National Committee and other national organizations.
The Republican Party believes in working with organizations that share our goals.
We also believe a healthy economy is founded on political stability. This can be achieved only through the efforts of honest and dedicated public servants.
The Republican Pary honors both worthy principles of the past and throughtful changes for the future.

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